About Sarah

I began this blog as a tribute to my mother.  Most of the recipes you see here are from her.  I wanted her to know her legacy of baking would continue beyond her.  I cannot think of anyone with better recipes and I want her to know how much they mean to me.  I have added my own recipes as well. This page also contains helpful facts for parents about child care. There is information about nannies and how to find one as well as other forms of care, along with the forms needed to complete care. Plus, some fun, laughable mom moments.

I am a mother of two boys and have an amazing husband as well.  Being a mom means the world to me!  Being a mom of boys is something that I believe is even more special.  I don’t feel like this love between a mother and her boys is recognized as much as it should be.  I also believe that some people have a stigma with boys and baking.  I have a lot of mom friends who think it is weird that my son loves to bake so much.  I think it is totally normal and hope my boys continue their love for baking as they grow!

Most of my recipes are fairly simple and if you are a man, yourself, learning to bake you can definitely make these!

I have also added a few pages for Moms and Nannies. I have been a nanny for nine years and find that I am in a unique situation given that I bring my kids to work with my every day. This isn’t just about recipes, but they are the highlight, because I love food.  Almost as much as I love my family.

I hope you find something useful on my blog and remember sharing is caring.


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