The Traditional Stay-at-Home-Mom No Longer Exists

Let’s take a trip back in time to the 1960’s shall we?

My grandmother used to talk about this period of time a lot. She talked about how she couldn’t get a job. She was expected to be home with her kids. She would throw these extravagant parties for the household. Her husband was a Captain. She was expected to keep her home and children spotless. Going out usually required their best clothes. Her one and only job was the household and children.

After they were grown she was so happy to go back to school and learn to be a nurse. She took a lot of pride in her job and she worked it almost until the day she died.

Had she raised children as a millennial mother I imagine she would have worked. I believe that millennial moms are changing the definition of a Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM).

When we think of a SAHM we imagine a Mom whose only job is to care for her kids and home. This is no longer the norm. Most moms I meet need to give themselves more credit. Most moms work on top of staying home with their children.

What do I mean by this? Most mothers have a side-gig, hustle whatever you want to call it that supplements the family income, while they are home with their kids. Moreover, many moms work part-time and hustle as well.

Personally, I work nights part-time, but I’m home with my children all day and maintain this fun, little blog. However, by friends and family, I am still viewed as a SAHM. It’s a title that I admire. I mean, I love being with my kids all day! But it’s not exactly accurate.

All the moms I know in my life fit this description. They’re either working full-time, part-time and/or have a side gig.

Why is this? Well, I think there are many reasons. Some moms want to stay with their children, but don’t have the financial stability to do so, others find joy in their side gigs and may have started it for fun and realized their money making potential. Many others realized the cost of child care is so high that leaving their home to work just does not make sense.

Whatever the reason, I think as millennial moms we need to give ourselves more credit. We’re not just moms. We’re entrepreneurs, writers, crafters, creators, sellers and all around amazing!

Cheers fellow working moms!!




  1. As a fellow SAHM, I’d have to say I absolutely love it! I’ve worked the past 4 years with two kids as a full-time preschool teacher. I felt a little guilty from the burnout my job created. I gave so many little ones my time during the day, that I was always exhausted by the time I got home to deal with my own. Everyday was so systematic that I knew I would have to put an end to it someday, so that I could actually ENJOY my time with my kids. Nights and weekends weren’t enough for me.

    I also launched my own line of coffee mugs, which I’m really excited about and I also have a blog of my own. I’m able to maintain some sort of dignity and self-worth, by knowing I’m still connecting to the outside world in some way.

    You’re completely right about being a SAHM. It’s definitely not what it used to be! We are so blessed to live in a time where working from home is actually possible. Juggling multiple duties is a gift that we all share as moms!

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  2. It’s true. I do a lot more as a stay at home mom than our culture implies. I am an entrepreneur, a writer, a teacher, a homemaker, but truly my favorite part s getting to be with my kids. The days aren’t easy always but it’s a gift that I am trying hard not to take for granted!

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  3. I love this post. I ventured into the stay at home mom life when my part time job felt more like a full time job and made me miserable. I decided to spend more time at home and realized I was missing so much time with my husband and my sons early years. He just turned four. My blog is bringing in a little money and we’re going to be expanding our family soon so timing wise it worked out great.

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  4. It’s so true. Sometimes when I’m moaning how busy I am (full-time job, being with baby when I’m off, cooking, laundry, cleaning, ironing, blogging etc) my mom in law is saying that they didn’t have disposable nappies, washing machines etc and it’s making me so pissed off because she didn’t have a job on that time. I’m not saying that she was sitting only with kids at home and that’s it so she shouldn’t say how easy life I have now because I’m using pampers…

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  5. I totally agree! I don’t even know how to refer to myself. Yes, I’m a SAHM, but I work part-time outside of the house and bring both of my children with me! And I have a ‘side hustle.’ So am I ? I dunno. I don’t think so.

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  6. I have noticed the same thing! So many women now have a side-gig whether it be a blog, a part-time job, a MLM, or direct sales job–we are all helping support our families in different ways than ever before! So great to recognize the changes and these amazing women!

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  7. Enjoyed this post, thank you! I am so proud to be able to call myself a SAHM, it’s a title that I always wanted. I feel blessed that at this time in our lives I’m able to stay home with my children while my husband works. But every family is different, and I even think that the definition of a stay at home mom is kind of different for everyone! Times have definitely changed!

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    • Yes!! Being a SAHM is one of the best jobs in my opinion!! And there are so many moms who do that and more. It’s truly amazing!! And, you’re so right it’s definitely a little different for everyone. Thanks for reading!


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