Make Money from Home: Learn How to be a Virtual Assistant

If you are anything like me, you love spending your days with your kids. For many years, I was able to make money, while bringing my children to work as a nanny. Then, as a nanny placement coordinator, I spent my days working from home.

Unfortunately, this job ended. It was a pretty stressful time, as I said I love being with my kids, but I also need to bring some income into our home as well. I began to look for a new job. I would often work overnight to supplement our income, it was an exhausting time!

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I soon began to look for other ways to earn some extra income. One of the methods I found to earn an income was as a Virtual Assistance. A virtual assistant does exactly as the name describes, they assist others virtually. The duties of a virtual assistant can vary from writing blog posts to organizing their calendar and making calls or promoting products and making graphics. Each company or person will need assistance with something different. The length of the job can vary as well. At times, the assistant will be needed a few weeks or months, at other times it will be an ongoing job. Though, the virtual assistant can usually choose their own hours every now and again they may be needed for certain times. This is also an actual job and the pay rates will vary per assignment.

Personally, I love this job for many reasons. First, I am able to work at night, but now from the comfort of my home. Second, I was already completing many of the tasks needed of a virtual assistant as a nanny placement coordinator and was able to transfer these skills. Lastly, this is a great opportunity because anyone can be a virtual assistant!

With this program linked below, you can learn to be a virtual assistant as well. All you need is $97.00, a computer and the internet. Regina has been a virtual assistant for ten years and you can trust her to teach you the best ways to become a virtual assistant and launch your best business ever!

I hope this course helps you find happiness in your life and family!

(Click here or on photo to sign up for the course)

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A note from Regina:

I don’t share because I want you to buy from me.

I share because I want you to be successful. I want you to experience life on your own terms. I want you to actually what you do instead of just going through the motions. I want you to live the type of life that allows you to give back, if that’s your thing.

I’m doing all those things. You see, I’ve been working almost 35 years. I made $5.03 in my first office job with the federal government. Ridiculous, right? I was 18-years-old working in an office, surrounded by folks just waiting for retirement. I got out of there in less than one year. My family told me I was crazy to leave a “good” government job. But I knew I wanted more than that.

Seriously, if you buy the course, I’d be happy. Not because it puts coins in my bank account but because you’ve decided to launch your business and you’ve trusted me to teach you. That means the world to me. And if you don’t buy it before May 31 – no worries. I’ll still share job leads and I’m working on more free content for you.

So, here you go. If you’re ready to get started in your virtual assistant journey or if you want to step your existing business up a notch, the course is $97 until June 1.

You all rock!



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