When My Pregnancy Was A Pre-Existing Condition

If you have been on the internet at all lately, you will have read about Trump’s Healthcare and the removal of ACA, also known as Obamacare. It is a hot topic because it seems to mainly affect women and those with special needs. Specifically, because of pre-existing conditions such as rape, pregnancy and Post Partum Depression. All conditions that could prevent you from receiving health care or increasing your insurance costs.

Which, leads you to my story. When I became pregnant with our first child, it was quite a surprise. Clearly unintentional. Here is where I am going to get comments, people will say a multitude of things, but here is the deal, life happens, I was pregnant. I would also mention abortion would be frowned upon as well in the comment section. That was never a thought that crossed our minds.

I did not have insurance at the time. This was before the Affordable Care Act was in place. I was a nanny making roughly $15,000.00/year living in California. I had roommates, but we were obviously barely making ends meet. I figured I could just go ahead and find some insurance and started making calls. That was when I discovered pregnancy was a pre-existing condition. No one would even offer me health insurance. At that point, I had no idea what to do. Fortunately, I had gone to Planned Parenthood to confirm my pregnancy. I called them after I had been denied by all the insurance companies and asked if they had a plan I could use. I described my situation and they said I could probably get help from the state and told me who to call.

So, that is what I did. I applied to receive MediCal from the state of California. I was easily approved due to my meager salary. They told me which OB/Gyn to visit and paid for all of my care.

Here is the deal, I would have happily paid these fees myself, my now husband was willing to support me as well, but they never even gave us a chance. Because of my pre-existing condition.

In the end, guess who paid for it? You. All you taxpayers, myself included, from the great state of California. So, when someone thinks pre-existing conditions are not a big deal, think again. You may be the person paying the price after all.

Thanks for helping me bring my son into this world!


My son with his favorite person, GG!



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