Why Your Friends May Not Love Your MLM and Alternative Options 

My dearest friends,

If you are part of a Multi-Level Marketing Company or MLM you may not have the best of luck with your friends. Let me tell you why.

I understand why you have joined an MLM. I joined one myself a few years ago. You are promised success and money while working and being with your children. The sky is the limit. It usually starts with just wanting to make a small amount of extra money, but eventually becomes pretty all encompassing. There are flashy seminars and you meet the happiest people in the world, making millions of dollars. Here’s the deal though, that money is hard earned and probably took years to get there. Something you will most likely realize after you’ve joined. Here are some reasons your friends may not be as excited as you.

1. You added them to your Facebook group without so much as a howdy-do. 

I can’t even tell you the number of Facebook groups I’m being held hostage in, I mean erm… added to that are related to direct sales. Yes, I can delete myself from them, but I really shouldn’t have to do this. Common courtesy would dictate that you ask someone before adding them. Or, announce your group and let them join for themselves. It’s a better approach and you’ll get better results.


2. Your ideas are not your own. 

If you have creative friends, or friends who have begun their own business the old-fashioned way they may not be your biggest fans. They have worked really hard to start their business from the ground up and you’re starting somewhere in the middle. Yes, you pay for that privilege, but they’ve taken an idea they love and made it all their own. None of your products, marketing methods or future advancements have been created by you. They are a by-product of someone else’s ideas and you are just selling them. It’s exciting to think of yourself as your own boss, but ultimately you’re part of someone else’s success. Your products are not unique and unfortunately you cannot make them so.

3. It’s all you talk about. 

I understand you are excited about your business, but that’s not all I want to read about on your feed. I’m sure more people then you know have unfollowed your page on Facebook. I know this happened to me when I was in my “business”, because I’m terrible at sales and went over the top. I also don’t need your sales pitch at Sally’s birthday party. I’d rather hear about your life.

4. Your “parties” are not parties. 

Want to know what I’m excited for when I go to a party? Food. Well, that and finding out how my friends are doing. As a mom I don’t get the chance to go out much. I’m sure you don’t either. So when I do go out I don’t want to be guilted into spending money I don’t have. Sure, there may be times I actually want to buy something you’re offering. If that’s the case, I’ll send you a message.

5. I’ll be your friend as long as I’m buying into your products. 

Like I’ve already said, I was once an MLM rep, I’ve been to the happy, flappy meetings. I’ve also been entirely ignored at a meeting, because I wasn’t part of anyone’s team. They tell you at the meeting, if someone is saying negative things about your product you don’t need them in your life. I summarized a bit, but you get the gist. Basically, if your family and friends are not buying into your business, then your time is better spent elsewhere. I understand the approach. As a business person, your time is valuable. But please, never ever cut someone off just because they don’t agree with your new idea. It just makes you look like a petty a-hole. Also, make sure your own sponsor truly has your best interest in mind. If they do, they will keep in touch with you even if you decide to go another route. If you mention you are hesitant and you hear crickets, they probably are not someone you want to work with.

6. You know nothing about me when you start your sales pitch. 

When I get a message on Instagram from a total stranger about weight loss, wraps or diets, it’s truly insulting. I feel like you’ve looked at one of my photos and decided I need to lose weight. If you’re taking that route, do so with caution. Just because someone liked your photo doesn’t mean they want to join in. They might just be happy for your success and that you’re happy.

7. A lot of people view MLM’s as shady business.

Any business who pegs there success on a pyramid scheme is likely to be scrutinized as questionable. If the product IS so good, why not just sell it in stores? That is the attitude you may often hear. I do not have an answer for that one. My recommendation is to be open minded. Do research on the company for yourself, looking at both sides and decide from there if this is the route that is truly right for you.

Like I mentioned, I understand the allure of an MLM. As moms most of us want to make extra money and be with our families. That’s also why so many moms are bloggers. If you are looking to make some extra money and are unsure about an MLM, here are some ways I’ve made extra money over the years.

Babysitting or nanny.  A lot of moms are happy to leave their children with other moms for a few hours. I worked for years as a nanny to make extra money for our family! Read this post before you go that route.


Working nights as a caregiver. I know it doesn’t seem ideal, but doing this was great for me. I made money and got some precious alone time. My husband was home and my kids were asleep, so I wasn’t missing out on anything. A perfect way to make that extra few hundred dollars a month, we needed. You do not have to attend school for this. Although, you will need CPR/First Aid and probably a short internet course.

Start a blog. You can do this without even telling your friends. Not sure what to write about? That’s okay! Just think about what you love and go from there. You can do DIY or just write. Also, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY A DOMAIN. Free sites have money making options as well. Do not get sucked into that lie either.

Find a flexible work from home job. The Penny Hoarder has a great list of work at home jobs listed with benefits and hours needed. I currently work from home and it’s really so nice. Of course, I have hard days, but I’m not complaining.

I might get some hate mail from this post, but I’m just trying to help out some friends who are on this route or may go this way. I may also be trying to prevent future group additions. Seriously, do not add me to your group without a message. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors!



  1. Aww yes, those FB group adds are no bueno. I feel bad to be totally honest because sometimes I feel like the product itself could actually be great.

    I’m all for supporting my friends but it seems like I see the same sales flow with people who get involved. It sucks too because I see how it sabatoges their real effort.

    I hope for success for anyone but I hope they look for outside training in how to market themselves. Jasmine Star is an amazing resource for anyone in business, whether MLM or not. I took a Branding Strategy workshop by her and it was incredible!

    My best to all who are working towards their dreams.


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