I Hate Politics

Awhile back I assured the followers of my page I would no longer be political. I truly hate politics. I think a lot of us do. It’s confusing, politicians lie and say what we want to hear. There’s a lot of shady daily occurrences in politics. Money donated for votes and so forth. 

As an American, I was told it was my civic duty to vote, from the cradle. But, if I’m being honest. I never cared to do so. I figured the system was so corrupt already, why would my vote make a difference? Then, the 2016 election happened. I had already made my choice, I was going to vote.  As time drew closer to vote and we had our potential candidates, I just knew I had to vote. I didn’t spread my political agenda on my blog, because I didn’t and still don’t think it would have changed anyone’s mind. Last year was annoying on social media, to say the least. Spewing hate in one direction and the other. 

The inauguration has already begun today. I hate that Donald Trump is my president. I never thought he would win. I hate that a man who said the words pictured, now controls our country. I hate that he thinks a woman who gets an abortion should be in jail. I know many commendable women, mothers just like myself, who have had abortions-by choice. It’s no one else’s business. I don’t feel that I can stand behind such a man. I’m not going to make empty threats of fleeing the country. I don’t have a passport and I’m not abandoning my fellow citizens. 

In all reality our family is set to gain from Trumps tax plan. We’re a white family, with two boys. You could say I have nothing to worry about, but that isn’t true. I worry for my friends who are gay, I worry for their families, I worry for the women of this country and our friends of color. I worry for those trying to flee desperate situations in other countries when our borders won’t open to help them. 

I would absolutely love for Trump to surprise me, change his ways a bit and succeed in his leading of our country, but I’m not going to follow blindly. He won’t change his ways if we all sit back and silently watch what he does. I appreciate all the men and women who are headed to our capitol this weekend for the women’s march. I wish I could join them! Unfortunately, for me I have a mandatory work meeting this weekend. But I am cheering you on in spirit. This post is my way of contributing to helping these changes happen. 

You don’t have to be silent. The wonderful thing about America is the freedom to have our opinions. You may not agree with me, that’s fine. Peaceful solutions can be made and that is what we need to continue to push toward. 

Safe travels to all my friends on the journey to D.C. May we continue to champion for change and progress in the next four years. 


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