My First Time

This week, I did something I have never done before. I voted in a presidential election. 

It was an important day for me. My reasons for never voting before were superficial and honestly, very lazy. 

However, there was also a lot of unknowns for me when it came to voting. I have voted previously, but for a general election, right after I turned eighteen. 

At that time I had not done my own research. I simply chose the party my parents belonged to and voted for the candidates they told me to choose. When it came time for me to vote for myself I was very naive. 

I moved away from home shortly after my high school graduation; didn’t know how to change my voters registration, or where to vote. I moved multiple times during my college years. Which, I believe is common for many and when it came time for the next presidential election, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I was still registered at my parents address. So, I missed the election in 2008. 

In 2012, we had moved again. Things were a bit different this time, though. I had taken the time to establish my own political party preference. I knew who I wanted to vote for and I was registered in the correct location, but I was just plain lazy. My excuses are invalid. I hate, hate, hate crowds and lines, but I should have known better. Women, just like me, faced severe abuse and belittlement trying to make their voices heard. I should have voted. 

This year, I am taking my civic duty seriously. I made my life easier by submitting for a mail-in ballot. You can do this online! I researched each candidate thoroughly. Including those in my local area judges and all. 

I must say. I feel like a valuable American citizen, after all. And, it feels good. 


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