Why I’ll Let My Boys Share a Room As Long As They Want

It was my eldest sons idea to share his room with his little brother. 

I wasn’t entirely certain, initially. That toddler still doesn’t always sleep through the night and I didn’t want him waking his big brother. However, after a few more times of him asking I thought “well, let’s give it a try.” I moved my eldest sons bed into his little brothers room.

Then, something amazing happened. That toddler who was still waking up started sleeping a little better. It wasn’t magically fixed, but it definitely improved! It may have absolutely nothing to do with his brother, I’m not sure, but I’m glad it worked out so well. 

I also began to notice some other benefits of my boys sharing a room. When they woke up, they kept each other entertained. My older son loves to crawl into his brothers crib and keep him company. He brings toys and one morning I even caught him reading to his little brother. 

The bond between my boys has always been amazing. I think the eldest has a lot to do with this. When I returned home from the hospital after having our second I’ll never forget what he did. I told my son I had to nurse the baby. He then declared “okay, mom while you feed him I’ll read to you guys.” That’s a cherished memory I will never forget. And, he read his books to us, even though he really couldn’t read. He was just looking at pictures and making up the story. He has always looked out for his brother. Of course, he’s had his jealous moments, but for the most part he has embraced his role as a big brother with open arms.

Now that the boys share a room I have only seen them grow closer. As his brother started to walk, he never took away his toys (unless they weren’t safe) or denies him attention. They still play when they wake up and sometimes when they’re going to sleep. 

I will let my boys share a room as long as they would like and I only hope they continue to grow even closer. 

A mother can hope, right?


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