A Thank You to the Good Guys

There’s been a lot of anger and animosity toward Brock Turner, as there should be. He deserves it, but in this piece I want to talk about the good guys. Not just the two young men who stopped Brock and restrained him, but those good men we take for granted every day.


I am beyond blessed to be married to one of these good men. In my previous post I mentioned how I met my now husband at a party where another man was trying to take advantage of my friend who was passed out drunk. He stopped that man and he would do it again. These are the kind of men we need to praise, the good guys.

I have been in other numerous situations where the good guys are seen. I was much like this victim while in college. Attending parties with alcohol, like most college kids. I also entered the adult world very ignorantly, as many young adults do, but nothing bad ever happened. Because of these good guys. I’ve had countless rides home while inebriated. Men looking after me as I lay on the couch unaware of my surroundings. And many other encounters, probably some dangers I haven’t even seen, because they have been stopped.

My very first sexual encounter was a confusing one. Being that I had absolutely no idea what was happening; a bad man would have fully taken advantage of that situation. However, I was again blessed to be with a good man. A good man who stopped, when I said stop. As all men should.

I am surrounded by good men. Along with my husband, my father, my father-in-law, brothers and brothers-in-law are some of the best men I know. Two of them serve each of us every day as a police officer and soldier. My college-aged brother-in-law has begun a Catholic Fraternity full of good men. I know because I’ve met these men. I am certain they would stop any man who wasn’t a good guy.


These good men are raising another generation of extraordinary men. Among my family alone there are nine boys being raised into admirable men. I am confident that this next generation of men will be good guys, too.

So here’s to the good guys. The ones who have stepped in, stopped and halted a story before it became a headline. Those men who are always watching and willing to help another person in need. These men who protected not only me, but my friends while we were out having a good time.

Thank you to the good guys in the world. May all boys and men aspire to be as you.


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