Better Than Sex Dessert

Last night for a dinner party I made one of my favorite desserts. It’s called Better Than Sex Dessert.

When I was ten years old I asked my mom why it was called that. She was mortified and said I would figure it out when I was older.

Ladies and gents, I think I’ve figured it out. Sex is amazing (and often beyond), I think we can all agree there. However, let’s face it every now and again it can be disappointing, that’s just life. This dessert will never disappoint you. Hence its namesake. You can trust me, or make it yourself and come to your own conclusion.

After this awkward encounter, my mom changed the name to Chocolate Wonder. You may want to do this, I’ll stick with the original.

I did make some changes to this recipe I will add below.


My Recipe Changes:

I used pecans instead of almonds. My dad is allergic to pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts so my mom has to use almonds. We have no know nut allergies here. Yay!

For the love of all whipped cream. Use REAL whipping cream. The kind you buy in the milk section. If you’re not familiar with this cool whip will work. Real whipped cream is just the bees knees. Just don’t forget to add sugar to your top layer of whipped cream.

I only used one package of chocolate pudding. I think it’s a bit more balanced this way.

Either way you make this dessert. You will love it! Will it be better than sex? I don’t know. You tell me your conclusions. 😉

Finished results. ❤️❤️❤️


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